Do you really want to achieve your goals this year?

Were you one of the many who set New Year resolutions for 2015? Have you started to take action to make them happen or have they fallen by the wayside already?

Or did you think what’s the point as they don’t work anyway?

On 4 January 2015, I shared on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Bristol and Wiltshire the three core steps necessary to achieve your goals.



The slot was time limited so I had to be brief but here are the three steps for clarity, focus, and direction.

Step 1

“He who has a big enough why can bear almost any how” Nietzsche

When your why is unclear and not big enough, you are more likely to give up and remain in your dis-comfort zone.

When setting goals you are attempting to achieve something for the first time in your life and may give up when you face the first hurdle thinking it should all be easy and straightforward.

The reality is that how can we know all the challenges that may arise? More important is who we become internally by tackling the obstacles on the road to achieving our goal. We may increase our self confidence, our problem solving skills, improve our communication and people skills, we may go on a new course that increases our skill set and so on.

You have to know the reason WHY you want the goal/outcome. Consider:

  • on a scale of 0 to 10 how important is it? If it’s not at least 7 or above then you’re less likely to achieve it. Ideally, it’s 8 or above.
  • what will happen once I’ve achieved this goal?
  • who or what else in my life will be affected by my goal?
  • what other consequences will there be of my goal?
  • what will I have to give up to achieve it?
  • what new skills might I need to achieve this goal?
  • what support will I need to achieve it and from whom?
  • ensure your goal is for you, about you, not about someone else changing.
  • on a scale of 0 – 10 how much control do you have over achieving your goal? This is about your actions. If the majority of your goal depends on others doing their bit, you can only focus on what you can do towards it.


Step 2

Visualise this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build. Robert Collier

The language you use in setting your goal is very important. It is vital that you are able to see the end result because this means you engage your mind and body fully and programme it to achieve the desired goal.

A goal stated as “I want to stop smoking” or “I want to lose weight” can be more like wishes that do not motivate and inspire planning or action.

Notice what happens in you when you read the above and the following:

“It is (date) and I am a healthy and energetic non-smoker”

“It is (date) and I am wearing my size 12 black dress” or “It is (date) and I weigh —-“

It is crucial to be able to see/visualise yourself having achieved the goal. Close your eyes and become aware of what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling in the future:

  • where are you?
  • what are you wearing?
  • who else is there?
  • what are you doing?


  • what are others saying to you now that you’ve achieved your goal?
  • what are you saying to yourself having put the work in to achieve?


  • what are you feeling having achieved your goal? Proud, happy, excited?
  • where is that good feeling in your body – in your chest, tummy, arms, legs?


Step 3

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Dale Carnegie

The third crucial step to achieving is taking action. You can set the most wonderful goals using the tools above but if you have no action plan then nothing will change.

Taking action immediately once you have set a goal is important. You need the momentum that comes with that to keep you going.

Monitor the results you are getting and be willing to adjust your actions accordingly.

Finally, be kind to yourself. If you slip in your actions, do not use that as an excuse to give up. Treat each day as new start and get on with it. This is where you have to remind yourself of your original reason, the why you wanted this goal.


Achieve clarity, focus and direction.

Contact me, 07944 931 437, for sessions face-to-face or on Skype if you would like to achieve your goals this year. I can assist you with gaining clarity about the areas of your life that you wish to change, help you focus on the why, language to use, and provide direction with an action plan.



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