Why New Year Resolutions Fail








How do you start the New Year? Apart from merriment and a heavy head, most people see it as an opportunity to start afresh with certain areas of their life. To finally achieve the goals they set as last years resolutions and gave up on within a month or two, if not just a few weeks, or sometimes, days!

The most popular goals set tend to be health related as is demonstrated by the huge rise in gym memberships in January in a bid to lose weight and have healthy eating plans. Ambitions to stop smoking or drink less is another popular aim.

The goals are very well meaning, and yet, what is it about these resolutions that means the majority of us give up so easily on them?

There are many reasons and I believe one of the main reasons is that setting these resolutions has become a bit of a joke. It’s like we know we’re likely not to keep to them so it’s OK to state them and then give up on them. That’s what we’re supposed to do…right?

Another reason why so many fail may be due to the fact that you have not decided deep down to change and therefore not fully committed to change. You may think, and hope, that because you’re setting your goal at this time of year, it will somehow magically happen, without much input on your part.


In my experience of client work, too many people have no idea about the commitment, determination, and effort (or hard work) required to achieve goals. There is a wish for a ‘magic wand’

What they don’t realise is that through the, sometimes tough, process of achieving goals, they update their negative beliefs and behaviours. They transform inside out. They feel proud of themselves for sticking with it even when it was tough because the end result is amazing. They are then able to set further goals, take more risks, and lead more satisfying, fulfilling, and content lives.

Being part of a focused, structured group and/or a coach/therapist is the best ‘magic wand’ there is and working with one can mean that you are accountable, stay on track, and actually achieve your goals. It can feel lonely without support, encouragement, and guidance from someone who has been in your shoes.



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