3D Beauty


The Holistic Approach To Inside & Out Beauty







What is beauty?

Millions of young girls learn about beauty from the media that needs to sell papers, films, songs, soaps, clothes and so on. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year we are told which body shape is more desirable, which clothes will make you feel more sexy, which perfume and deodorant will make you more alluring, and which handbags and shoes will mean you are really trendy.

Almost unquestioningly we set about fulfilling the stereotype; spending hundreds on the recommended cosmetics, clothes and other paraphernalia in our aspirations to be beautiful and desirable like the stories we are sold.

Too many of us, however, in spite of having the spa treatments, holidays in far flung places, ideal careers, living in the desirable area, and driving the luxurious car, cannot understand why we still feel unfulfilled, unhappy, self critical, unlovable, resentful, jealous, empty, etc, in our 30s, 40s, and 50s and even beyond.

What we, that includes me, have painfully realised is that beauty, contentment, and happiness is not just about the expensive and latest lotions and potions full of hope and promise of youthfulness; or about the anti-ageing facials, relaxing massages, and beautiful looking nails. Don’t get me wrong, all these treatments certainly play their part in helping us feel good about ourselves, and I have indulged in them all over the years. But, they are just a part of the bigger picture of really feeling beautiful.

Some celebrities, as they age, write about what really matters and makes a person beautiful. They usually conclude what a minority of us have known all along – that true beauty and feeling happy actually starts from within. You glow when you have stopped relying on just the externals of how you look and when you have tackled the negative habits that age you, drain your energy, and rob you of confidence.

Inner Beauty

What I’ve found through working with weight loss clients is that in spite of trying countless diets over the years, miracle pills, exercising on and off, what prevents many from successfully achieving the results they desire is that they are unaware of the root cause of their original weight gain and retention.

When the root cause is unknown the negative habit remains strong and in control of their behaviour. It’s like a programme that runs in the back of their mind and they don’t even know about it. All they are aware of is their size and they want to be slimmer and wear the clothes in their wardrobe and feel confident.

However, this hidden or unconscious belief or programme means that you are not going to achieve what you truly want until that programme is identified and transformed leading to literally freeing your body.

What I am referring to here is the strong connection between the mind, our emotions and our resulting behaviours or habits.

Real beauty is not just skin deep. Truly beautiful people feel comfortable in their own skin. This comes across not only in the way they dress and the colours they wear, but also in their posture and how they walk.

Clients I’ve worked with begin to feel:

• self-assured
• self accepting
• calmer
• in control
• confident
• relaxed

and they smile a lot.

The 3D beauty approach is one of successfully and effectively matching the mind, emotions, and habits. It makes no difference what you have experienced, when it happened, or how long you have felt what you are feeling.

This alignment brings with it peacefulness, contentment, self-appreciation, and self-confidence. This means you valuing yourself for who and what you are in the present whilst working towards your goals.


What needs to happen for you to prioritise yourself … your health, well-being, and happiness?


“Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you.”         Golda Poretsky

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