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“Balbir is an angel in bringing hope and healing to people who feel hopeless, unhealable and lost. Best of all she’s been there herself and knows first hand the way to get you from where you are and are stuck to how you can be free.”

Mark Goulston
author of “Just Listen” Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone


Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

Aged 18, my life changed forever, in an instant, when my dad took his own life.

This trauma turned into PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as for the next 13 years I kept quiet about the nightmares and flashbacks I endured. Back in 1981, counselling wasn’t offered – it wasn’t the thing back then as it is now.

Nor were there any support groups where I could share my experience.

I spent years in the wilderness, being stuck, I was existing in a numb state and just ‘doing’ life. Now, I am feeling the emotions as they arise according to the situation and am living life feeling more at peace with my traumatic losses.

phone and online sessions with Balbir, Grief Recovery Specialist – helping you navigate from traumatic grief to acceptance to peace





If you are feeling or experiencing any of the above then you can benefit from my grief recovery programme to help you heal from this trauma and move into your new ‘normal,’


“Although initially hard to work through my feelings in relation to the loss, seeing Balbir in our regular sessions helped me to make sense of my feelings that I was stuck with over a year after my father’s suicide. It was painful to face into the grief I was feeling, and to realise the positive things I could do to both manage the grief and begin to work through it. 

I would say that Balbir’s strength lies in a combination of her ability to be warm and approachable which puts a person at ease and enables them to open up, combined with her ability to positively challenge you when you need to consider different approaches to your thoughts and feelings.

I warmed to Balbir quickly, and despite being one of the toughest and challenging times my life, I always knew that following a session with Balbir, however tough it would be, I would feel better having spent time with her.” JC, Manager


There is no right way to grieve.

Journey of Grief


In the aftermath of your tragic loss, I am here beside you on your journey as you walk to navigate the rugged, complex, wild, untrodden path of the unknown.

A path that at times can feel like a maze where you can find yourself stuck and need gentle guidance to move in another direction.

A path that sometimes can feel so winding you feel you’re going round in circles. A path that can go up and then down.

A path that sometimes is dark and heavy and then light and bright.

One thing is certain, on this journey of grief and mourning, you are, sometimes very slowly and other times so fast you end up feeling breathless, moving forward.

Through your sessions I support you to navigate your forever changed life to get used to the new ‘normal’.


I believe you can:

  • get to a place of acceptance with what has happened
  • come to accept that you’ll never have all the answers
  • feel peaceful
  • use this loss to make meaningful changes in your own life
  • discover, through this event in your life, your hidden talents and achieve your potential
  • learn lessons from this sad event in your life to take forward into your new ‘normal’


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