“You have to care. You can’t do good work if you don’t care.”  

William Albert Allard


Feedback from clients:

“I couldn’t believe, after just one session, that I was able to walk over a bridge without feeling sweaty, short of breath and stupid. Heights are no longer an issue. I feel so free and can just get on with my life. Thank you Balbir!”

ES, Manager

“In just one session Balbir helped me overcome my fear of birds, not birds exactly but their feathers. I couldn’t believe it was so quick as I had suffered for years and had felt so silly and weak.”

HB, Policeman

“Spider phobia controlled my life for years as I couldn’t even relax in my own home. Not only that, it even affected my relationships as boyfriends got fed up with my fears which meant I couldn’t relax and just be myself with them. So, not only did I have a phobia, I was also lonely when I needn’t have been. In just one session with Balbir my life changed. I couldn’t believe I had let it dominate my life for so long but I am so grateful that it was so easy to deal with and wish I’d done it sooner.”

LW, Teacher

“Giving presentations was part of my role but every time I was asked to do so I would try and avoid it by being off “sick” and finally I left and got another role which didn’t involve presentations. I felt very silly and incapable, my confidence disappeared. Thanks to Balbir I am now happily and confidently able to give presentations and even enjoy them! I never thought I’d be able to do this so easily.”

TW, Manager

“I used to avoid dating as the mere thought of meeting and chatting with a man made me short of breath and just wanting to flee. Thanks to my sessions with Balbir I am now in a relationship and feel confident and happy!”

BR, Lecturer

“The mind blowing part of connecting with my unconscious mind, and allowing myself to see and understand was liberating. Since my sessions with Balbir I have a more positive outlook on life, I feel more grounded and know that if I set out to do something I will achieve my goal. I am now losing weight and I know it’s not just through working out in the gym and eating healthier as a result but the mind-body connection that was never there for me before is there today. Thank you Balbir. I’m blessed to have met you and have you in my life.”

BS, IT Consultant

“I came to Balbir about issues I’ve always had with my weight. I vowed to finally overcome this obstacle and knew for me it wasn’t just about getting to the gym and eating healthier to achieve the weight loss. I knew I had to truly understand and work through the reasons why I had continuously failed in the past, why I sabotaged my chances of achieving a weight loss goal and what I had to do to get to goal and maintain it. Over a number of very insightful sessions I was at last able to get to grips with the underlying causes of my weight and finally start to lose and keep it off.”

SK, Office Manager

“Balbirs’ work focuses on healing processes that easily and effortlessly tap into your unconscious and deal with engrained traits and behaviours, you don’t have to involve anyone else or have awkward conversations with others.

It’s all about you and following a method through that resolves so much. I’ve been blown away with how quickly it worked and how free I now feel. I feel more grounded, confident and centred.”

LDC, Nurse

“Since stopping 11 months ago I am feeling really good about myself, in control and happier. Thank you very much!”

AJ, Trainer

“Thank you so much for helping me to finally stop smoking. I had tried and failed for many years to do so with different methods. Whatever you did worked brilliantly and 2 years later it is a thing of the past for me.”

LK, Business Owner

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me stop smoking. I am able to carry out my work easily and get more done as focus is much easier and my health is improving.”

PS, Manager

“Thank you so much for helping me to quit smoking. I am amazed at how it worked so well just after one session. I can now be a good role for my young daughter and am feeling much happier.”

RC, Mother

“Dear Balbir, The party last night was a breeze and I wasn’t stressed at all about hanging out with the smokers. In fact, instead of racing out of the door with them, I was the one who closed it to stop the smoke coming in. That must be a first for me. Thanks!”

ES, Teacher

“Thank you for your fantastic sessions… Your enthusiasm and energy were brilliant. I think everyone should be taught these enormously valuable insights at school… it would lead to happier people and relationships.”

TP, Property Developer

“My sessions with you were very motivational, inspiring, professional and supportive. They moved in on in my life.”

SM, Lecturer

“Balbir is a good communicator – friendly, open and enthusiastic.”

CW, IT Consultant

“Balbir performed a very valuable service in helping me clarify my goals and values. I found her empathic listening and communication skills and useful, practical exercises made my future goal seem much clearer.”

PG, Professional Driver

“Balbir helped me define who I am and what I am looking for. She creates a safe space to be open and willing… and show trust and faith… to overcome your fears.”

RL, Entrepreneur

“I worked with Balbir over a period when I was having great problems with my life balance and direction. The results were phenomenal. For the first time in years I felt in control of my life, all my concerns and emptiness disappeared, everything became achievable and I knew I was firmly in the driving seat.”

LP, Nutritionist

“Our sessions have given me focus on what I need to do for myself and a clearer understanding of why it is so important to me. Excellent, fun and enlightening.”

SD, Senior Engineer

“Thank you very, very much for your generosity – you’ve helped me open up to the greatest gift there is: true love. And for that, I will forever be grateful.”

MR, Journalist

“My marriage was in a bad state .… My husband and I had virtually stopped communicating. I wondered if, after 31 years, I should leave my husband and begin to look elsewhere. The prospect was not thrilling. Balbir began talking about how to revive a relationship by doing little things that would please your partner… and about how fear could enter a relationship and the damage it could do. I decided it was worth a try, went home and started to follow her suggestions …We’ve just returned from an utterly wonderful ‘second honeymoon’ in Tenerife. Thank you so, so much.”

BT, Teacher

“Balbir looks at a person holistically and has shown me that to be able to get ahead in my job I also need to look at my issues in my private life as well as the issues in my job as they inter-link. I’m now what I can call “happy” probably for the first time in my adult life and without Balbir I couldn’t have done this.
I found Balbir’s style of working to be very effective and life changing. I wholeheartedly recommend Balbir to anyone looking for a coach. I feel I have changed so much and I am no longer the same person I was before I started my sessions with her. This undoubtedly would not have occurred without her help guiding me and that is why my decision to see her is one of the best decisions I have ever made
Someone once told me that they believe in angels, and that they believe that there are some humans who are actually angels and are doing the work of god by doing what they are doing. In my opinion Balbir is one of them and I cannot say it often enough I will always be grateful to her for turning me into a happy version of myself .“

ES, Youth Keyworker

“Through my sessions with Balbir, I was able to achieve a much more positive attitude towards life in general. My tendency before was to always look towards the negative and all the things I didn’t have in my life. Now I look at all the positive things I do have. I was able to face my problems, including the need for a career change. I came to realise I possessed a great desire to travel and undertake volunteer work. My relationship with my parents is now much better and I find it much easier to speak with them. Perhaps the best result was the change in my mindset during the course of these sessions. All this would never have happened without Balbir’s help.”

KW, Police Officer

“I saw myself as a victim and felt guilty and sorry for myself. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Balbir has helped me face my fears. I can now make my own choices and decisions. I went from a girl consumed by fear and tears to a woman feeling in control of her life. Working with Balbir I felt safe, supported and challenged to achieve my goal. She is very insightful, intuitive, and gets to the root of the issue very quickly. I highly recommend Balbir for anyone who wants to achieve more in their life.”

GM, Quantity Surveyor

“I was struggling with issues of self-confidence and communication which were affecting my work, so I saw Balbir for some NLP and consciousness work. Within a week, I had reconnected with five old friends, and felt much calmer and more peaceful in myself. I managed to focus on my studying easily and achieved so much in a short period effortlessly.”

DK, Mature Student

“I had persistent infected eczema that the doctors did not know how to treat anymore so I went to see Balbir. Through just one NLP session she managed to get to the psychological root of my eczema, my lack of self-confidence, and my eczema soon disappeared. Balbir was easy to work with, it was easy to open up to her, and I would highly recommend her, especially to anyone with any ailment that the doctors say they cannot help with.”

PKD, Tutor

“I was previously unclear about my blind spots/the areas which were keeping me from achieving my full potential. The sessions with Balbir firstly, helped bring those to my consciousness awareness, and then, helped to develop techniques with which to replace them with constructive approaches. I found Balbir’s style to be very understanding, patient, respectful and always friendly. I recommend her to anyone looking to rid themselves of the old and develop techniques to maximize their potential in the now in a nurturing and constructive environment.”

DSD, Accountant

“Balbir projects a quiet force and relaxed demeanour. As a process with a person-centred approach, Balbir made me feel safe and protected. I have needed to have this coaching for some time, but was scared of the consequences of opening up the proverbial can of worms. I would not hesitate in contacting her in the future if I found myself in need of her expertise again.”

AC, Manager

“I was working for a company whose values I did not respect [their printed values were fine but their actual values were not the same] So whilst I enjoyed the people I worked with and I did enjoy the job, there was no future in it. I am now a step closer to my next goal and in a job that suits my physical needs and is in line with my own values.”

TM, Outdoor Events

“Balbir was able to get me to cut through the crap and embrace what I was truly feeling. No more excuses but the truth….. One of the best things about Balbir is her ability to ask the right questions and keep going until her client gets the result. Balbir is a warm, skilled coach who I found to be a great facilitator of change. I left the coaching (one session) a changed man.”

DS, Quality Manager

“I can honestly say that working with Balbir, exploring the questions and issues that had been writhing around in me for so long, has changed my life. Balbir is open, caring and respectful, ....I am happier, more peaceful, and more confident, more accepting of life just the way it is and most importantly more aware of who I am. Thank you with heartfelt love and thanks.”

RL, Communications Professional /Yoga Teacher


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