About Balbir

To me, in my line of work of working with changing negative emotions and habits and, therefore, your behaviour, it is very important to seek help from and listen closely to those who actually practise what they preach. As they know what is involved in change and what it takes from within to do so.

I have much respect for those who walk their talk. I don’t feel those who just  talk the talk  have much integrity. Words come easy. Just knowing things from reading and studying certain matters does not mean that person has empathy and real insight.

For me what really shows the character of a person is not just by  what they say but more by what they do – their behaviours.

In the past, I personally had reservations seeking weight loss help from a very overweight person. I once had counselling with a woman who instead of listening to me was dismissing what I was feeling because it didn’t fit the model of counselling and process she had learnt. Needless to say, I stopped seeing her.

My values and standards of integrity, authenticity, and making a positive difference have arisen from growing up with double standards, with hypocrisy, with half lived lives of those around me.


Balbir Chagger, formerly practicing in Harley Street, is an Inspirational Trainer, Speaker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Therapist. She is regarded as one of the UK’s  Leading Coaches and Personal Growth Professionals.

Balbir’s true passion is the empowerment of individuals to awaken their possibilities. She was the resident Life Coach for BBC Radio Gloucestershire helping thousands of listeners change their lives. She has also positively impacted many readers through her contributions to many personal development magazines including Psychologies.

She has been interviewed on her experience of divorce on an Asian current affairs programme on BBC2 television – Network East. More recently, after the death of Robin Williams, she was interviewed on BBC radio about her experience after her father committed suicide when she was aged 18.

Always interested in making a difference and positive contribution to others she has been a trustee of Life Story Therapeutic Centre Charitable Trust, Reading, Chair of International Women of Chiltern group, Parent Governor of a thriving secondary school in Middlesex, running various NLP practise groups in Richmond, Reading, and Chesham, mentoring and coaching students to overcome barriers to learning and achievement.

She is currently supporting a local Multiple Sclerosis group in Chesham by offering Indian Head Massage and counselling for members.

Balbir works using her unique tried, tested and proven system combining coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, and forgiveness work.  What clients are saying.

Balbir’s Story

Born in a small village in Northern India, moving to the UK with her family at age six Balbir is of the generation of women that broke the custom of arranged marriage and the traditional place of women in that society. Read my story.

Balbir’s strength and insight have been formalised over 18 years as a practicing coach, therapist and trainer. Always working with the best, she studied under the co-originator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr John Grinder, where she qualified as an NLP Trainer. She has trained in hypnotherapy with the ground breaking psychologist, Dr Keith Hearne.

Balbir was one of the first graduates from the Coaching Academy and Noble Manhattan, both are UK’s leading Life Coaching Schools.

In the corporate world Balbir is a practicing Performance Coach and Soft Skills Trainer. 

In her relaxation time Balbir enjoys spin classes, African Drumming, yoga, Ceroc dancing, country walking, watching action and thriller films, documentaries, and reading (usually personal development).

Her favorite quotes are:

“It’s not what happens to you that matters, what matters is what you do with what has happened to you.”

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” 

Decide now to deal with whatever is holding you back  from Creating a Life You Love and call now to discuss how Balbir can assist you. She has the qualifications, skills, life experience and successful results with clients … all that is required is your willingness to take action … 07944 931 437  or  email