“It’s not what happens to you that matters,

what matters is what you do with what has happened to you.”





The following is a short part of the interview carried out in 2014 following  the death of Robin Williams.


Following the show, I had a call from a 76 yr old lady who lost her father to suicide when she was 13 and has never spoken to anyone about it and is still tortured by it.

How sad and what a reflection of our society.

I made a point in the interview about more education is needed so people stop regarding mental illness so negatively.

I could never have imagined, when at my lowest point I was considering suicide, that by choosing life, choosing me, digging deep, getting focused and putting the work in, I would be a personal development and communication professional.

The techniques I use are those that have helped me to transform my life (starting at age 34) from depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, helplessness, powerlessness to being healed and feeling empowered that I decided I could make a huge difference to others and trained as a counsellor, life coach, hypnotherapist and trainer.


My losses and bereavements include:

age 6 – separation from mother – on coming to UK in 1969 from Punjab, India, my mother who had bi-polar was admitted to a psychiatric unit. She remained in different hospitals till her death in 1984.

age 18  – found father hanging at home, no counselling offered, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

      Lost home – moved from East London to South East London.

Lost contact with school friends on moving away so suddenly.

Lost my cat as she ran away from new home.

age 21 – mother died from brain stem stroke when I was 2 months pregnant with first baby

age 30 – marriage ended, became single parent of two children aged 8 and 5.

age 51 – both my children moved to live abroad at the same time and I, surprisingly, unexpectedly, experienced the painful ’empty nest syndrome’


     I have:

  • run a support group for those bereaved by suicide for the charity Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) 
  • spoken on BBC radio about my experience of suicide grief recovery after Robin Williams death
  • shared my experience of cultural stigma on BBC television 
  • had articles published in various magazines including Psychologies
  • helped hundreds of women (and men, couples, teenagers) to transform trauma, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder
  • led workshops at NLP conferences
  • been a trustee of a charitable therapy centre
  • been the first Chair of an International Women’s group UK
  • provided counselling for a multiple sclerosis support group 
  • delivered life coaching, NLP, leadership and management, soft skills emotional intelligence and communication trainings for groups and individuals


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