Gain Clarity, Focus and Direction in your

Work, Health and Relationships.


… are you living up to your full potential?

… do you have a healthy balance of nurturing relationships, exercise, and work?

… are you stressed with life events that invariably happen?

… are  you feeling out of control with your life?

Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above water to deal with the roller coaster of everything that is happening, most of which is usually outside of our control. At school we don’t get taught essential life skills  such as love, relationships, communications skills or the psychology of emotional development so that we can cope with such events.

Instead of just addressing the symptoms, by using the solution focused techniques of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), life coaching, hypnotherapy and other effective techniques, my aim is to help you so that the change is lasting.

Like many clients before you, by choosing to work with me and getting to the root cause of your block(s) you can:

  • regain your confidence and motivation
  • stop smoking without patches, e-cigarettes, nicotine replacement therapy, or Zyban
  • experience an emotionally close, loving, and sexually fulfilling relationship
  • feel physically and emotionally calm in previous ‘phobic’ or anxiety inducing situations
  • deal with major life changes – divorce, redundancy, empty nest,
  • be more assertive and say ‘no’ when appropriate
  • achieve the promotion you desire or change work direction
  • come to terms with the  death of a loved one
  • deal with relationships with children, families, work colleagues in a constructive way
  • take more good care of yourself – health and emotional wellbeing


Clients have included:

  • professionals from the corporate, voluntary, and statutory sectors
  • teenagers
  • the retired
  • mums
  • couples
  • entrepreneurs
  • accomplished individuals from the world of sports, music, and media

Admitting that you need help, being able to ask for help is a sign of strength and courage.

My clients are amazed at how quickly changes happen when they thought it would take a long time. Many of them have tried other therapies which didn’t address the core issues that were going on. Since we are all very different and unique, my training in many different solution focused fields gives me the flexibility to use the methods most appropriate for you.


“Working with Balbir has been a life changing experience. I understand myself a lot more now and can react much better to situations that are out of my control. Through our  sessions I have discovered so much about why I am who I am – all the way from my childhood through to my adult life – I have now adjusted to become a calmer and more controlled person both at work and in my personal life. Thank you so much!” LJ,  IT Manager


“I decided to have a few sessions to sort out some  personal issues, and Balbir went a lot further than I expected, employing her other skills and training too. This helped me deal with an old event which I now realise had been influencing me negatively all my life. It was all done in a very practical way which, however, went deep into my unconscious, and I finally felt the ties to this event being torn in two and a weight lifting off my chest, which has not returned since. Powerful stuff! Thank you, Balbir!!” JH, Health Practitioner


Balbir takes on a ‘no nonsense’ approach and is very commanding during the techniques.  This really helps as I am a slightly timid person and some of the techniques felt a bit odd but she was there to guide me through and ensure I carried them out properly.  She is a very supportive person with whom I have a deep rooted respect for.  She knows her stuff and is a great therapist.  I hope NLP can help you as much as it has helped me.” LB, A&E Nurse



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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started on gaining clarity, focus, and direction so that you can start feeling confident, capable, happier, and achieving your goals – whatever they may be.