Coaching for Stepping Out of Your Uncomfortable Zone


You can have clarity, focus and direction feeling energized, joyful and loving.


Questions to shift from an overwhelming, suffocating, claustrophobic cocoon state to feeling light, free and joyful.


Regardless of how trapped and anxious you are feeling, by taking the time to answer a few questions honestly you can start to change your situation, right now!


Get paper and pen and answer the following questions being completely honest with yourself:

Which parts of my life aren’t working right now?

How long have I been ignoring/tolerating this for?

What impact is this having on my mind, health and relationships?

How long am I prepared to live like this for?

How do I want my life to be different?

What needs to happen for me to take action to change my life?

What are the 3 steps I can start doing right now?


I work through sessions on Skype that clients find convenient, effective, and accessible.

They find that any reservations they had about working in this way disappear when they have a free 15 minute consultation to find out whether we are a good match.

You can reach me through the contact page to arrange your 15 minute free consultation and I look forward to hearing from you.